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In the years I have owned my 81 242 Turbo, my initial urge to improve it to be just as refined, comfortable, and advanced as most modern cars has eventually turned into a small obsession with Genuine Volvo Accessories. As I have time I will attempt to catalog some of them here.
The accessories availabe varied widely based on year and country. The best selection was of course in Sweden itself, with comparatively few items availabe in the US.
Next to none of these are still availabe. I have provided part numbers as a reference, but do not expect your local dealer to be able to look up these parts. Careful scouring of local parts swaps and junkyards may net you a few interesting items, but the bulk of these have a long since disappeared into landfills and the garages of collectors.
Of course if you have anything interesting for me, feel free to email me at the address above, I am always looking to expand my collection.

  Equalizer Image Placeholder Upper Equalizer  " PDF Placeholder
81-93 240, 260
  Antenna Down Switch Image Placeholder Antenna Down  " PDF Placeholder
81-93 240, 260
1129311 Ambient Temperature Gauge Image Placeholder Ambient Temp "For cold weather driving safety, this instrument keeps you constantly aware of changes in outside air temperature at road leve. It alerts you to the possibility of road icing conditions when air temperature falls below freezing. The thermocouple sensor mounts securely under the front bumper." PDF Placeholder
81-93 240, 260
1333737 Digital Ambient Temperature GaugeImage Placeholder Ambient Temp "Indicates outside temperature which is displayed through a digital readout. Locates into any 52mm gauge recess. Can be switched prior to installation into either Fahrenheit or Celsius mode. Available seperately is an interior passenger compartment sensor." PDF Placeholder
81-93 240, 260
1129605Coin CompartmentImage PlaceholderImage Placeholder"This handy covered tray holds coins, tokens, or any small object you want to find quickly."PDF Placeholder
81- 240, 260 (LHD)
1129133Lockable Gas CapImage PlaceholderImage Placeholder"Protect that precious investment. Lock it up with a corrosion resistant, tough vinyl cap. Two keys."PDF Placeholder
78- 240, 260
1129317Push Button Remote Trunk ReleaseImage PlaceholderImage Placeholder"Located in the glove box to conveniently unlock the trunk without leaving the car."PDF Placeholder
78-85 240, 260
283990Floor ConsolesImage PlaceholderFloor Consoles"Mounts between the seats and the door sills. Sold in sets only."PDF Placeholder
1333687 Power sunroof kit Image Placeholder Image Placeholder "Increase the enjoyment of your sunroof. Hand crank unit is replaced with a powerful precision motor and gear assembly which provides complete operational control. Dash mounted switch." PDF Placeholder
  Gloria fire extinguisher Image Placeholder Image Placeholder  PDF Placeholder
1128444 Trunk Mat Image Placeholder trunk mat"Protect your trunk and keep it clean with interlocking Volvo mat set.
Available in black and designed especially to fit sedan trunks.
PDF Placeholder
Varies Grille Cover Image Placeholder Grille Cover "Specially designed for Volvo grilles, this tough insulated plastic cover protects you engine from extreme winter weather. It shortens warm-up time and helps the engine maintain a higher working temperature. Keeps out corrosive road salt, rain and snow from engine compartment." PDF Placeholder
UnknownRearview-mirror sun shieldSun ShieldSun Shield"This great accessory is made from a tinted material and eliminates glare caused by the sun in the area just behind the rear-view mirror"*PDF
1975 all models
552344R-Sport Steering WheelImage PlaceholderR-Sport Wheel"Smaller diameter, thickly padded wheel improves steering response and provides sporty feel"PDF Placeholder
1975-85 all models

These sites have excellent info on accessories.
Home of Eric's nice 89 240DL, check out the accessory gauge picture section.

* - Translated from French
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