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A few links to Volvo related sites that have some useful information.

Interesting and helpful resource for Turbo mods.

Puget Sound VCOA Chapter. Check it out if you're in the area.

A Portland company that makes good stuff for Volvos.

Parts for 240's.

Dave Barton's impressive page, home of his incredible 245TI.

Home of Eric's nice 89 240DL, check out the accessory gauge picture section.

Genuine Classic Parts. Mountains of parts for 140 and older.

Great tips on cleaning and detailing.

The VShop does all the work to my cars that I can't do myself.

Volvospeed. Lots of info for the Front Wheel Drive Volvos.

John Laughlin's page, with a great summary of the 140/240 model year changes.

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