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The amber reflector in the front turn signals of most Volvos has always bothered me. I especially dislike the one in the front turn signal lens of most 77-85 240's. Here are some solutions for getting rid of it.

Some early 240's (-80) have two-screw Hella front turn signal assemblies. Those reflectors are built into the housing and this article does not apply to them. If you have those Hellas and want clear lenses and reflectors, I think your only option is to replace the entire unit with the later 3-screw Cibie units and then follow the rest of the article.
All of the 3-screw Cibie turn signal assemblies have a reflector attached to the back of the lens. Most of the US 240s have the 3-screw Cibie housings with clear lenses and amber reflectors. Some early cars and GT's have amber lenses instead. The interesting thing about the amber lenses is that behind the amber lens is a clear reflector. Other than the colour, the lenses and reflectors are identical.
A common solution for the ugly amber reflectors is to just break them off of the lens and re-install the lens. This looks much better, though there is still a strange clear window where the reflector should be. Also, it is illegal in most states to drive a car without reflectors on the corner. I park on the street and so if I can retain the reflector for safety I will.
NOTE: European cars have the clear top/ amber bottom lens and no reflectors. I personally prefer the all-clear look on the front of my car, so I did not consider these, especially since they have no reflector.

Stock Lens

Parts required:
You will need 1 each left & right side clear Cibie lens (with amber reflectors).
And 1 each left & right side amber Cibie lens (with clear reflectors).
A small amount of epoxy. Phillips screwdrive to remove the lenses. Possibly some chrome or metallic spray paint.

Removing the reflector
This is the fun part, but a little difficult. The old reflectors are epoxied on, but not very well. Just snap them off, being careful not to break or crack the lens in the process.
Remove the clear reflectors from the amber lenses first, in case you mess up the lenses at first. Then remove the amber reflectors from your original clear lenses.

Putting them back together
You will need a tiny bit of epoxy to put them back together. DO NOT USE SUPERGLUE. I made that mistake the first time and the glue clouded my lenses a milky-white. I had to get another pair of lenses and do it again.
If your turn signal housings have lost their silver coating and are black, now is a great time to add a little more visibility. Check out this article on re-silvering your turn signal housings.
Once your lenses are ready and the housings are dry, reattach them to the car, connect all wiring, reconnect the battery and you're ready to go.

Final Product
The front of your car should now look like this. Congratulations!
Final Product

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